ReqProTM to Requirements Management for JIRATM Import

Move your ReqProTM assets forward!

The Challenge:

Over the last years you invested heavily to manage your requirements in a software based format.

This allowed you to speed up your business processes and provide you with reporting and tracking functionality of your progress.

If your software solution is ReqProTM you face considerable problems in maintaining these benefits and carrying your investments further.

Some of these problems are:

  • No active development is happening for ReqProTM
  • No connection of your ReqProTM assets to other parts of your business processes, such as issue tracking and/or agile transformation.
  • No web-based UI that reflects the current expectations of your workforce.
  • No web-based UI that provides productivity benefits of the last decade.

Your ReqProTM-Assets

Our Solution:

We are ease solutions, a certified Atlassian expert and the vendor that brings you the acclaimed "Management for JIRATM" requirements management solution in the Atlassian JIRATM ecosystem.

Your benefits in adopting the Requirements Management for JIRATM solution:

  • Employing the industry leading issue tracking system Atlassian JIRATM
    • State of the art web-based UI interface
    • Rich ecosystem of JIRATM plugins for your other business process needs
    • Rich linking functionality of issue entities
  • ease solutions "Requirements Management for JIRATM"
    • Integration in an existing JIRATM Installation via the Atlassian market place as a plugin
    • Requirements are based on JIRATM issue entities, so you get all other benefits of the JIRATM ecosystem
    • Structural modelling of your requirements, which reflects your ReqProTM package organization
    • Trace-matrix views of your requirements using a rich query functionality
    • Coverage views of your requirements using a rich query functionality
    • Baseline tracking functionality
    • Suspect handling of requirement changes, with reporting functionality

Your assets in Requirement for JIRATM

Your Action plan:

  1. Evaluate JIRATM
  2. Evaluate Requirements Management for JIRATM by ease solutions
  3. Plan to migrate your ReqProTM assets to Requirements Management for JIRATM

Moving your ReqProTM assets forward to Requirements Management for JIRATM:

When you made the decision to migrate your ReqProTM assets to Requirements Management for JIRATM we provide you a tool to facilitate this process:

Our ReqPro2Requirements application!

It is available free of charge and imports these ReqProTM assets:

  • ReqProTM requirements are recreated as JIRATM issues
  • ReqProTM requirement attribute values are stored as JIRATM custom text field values in the created JIRATM issues
  • ReqProTM requirement "trace" and "children" relationships are reflected as JIRATM issue links
  • ReqProTM documents are created as JIRATM issues which have the actual ReqProTM document as an attachment
  • ReqProTM package structure is recreated as a Requirements Management for JIRATM tree structure

The tool guides you with a GUI through the configuration of a ReqProTM import and allows you to save the configuration for later use with your production systems.

It is easy to use and requires no expert knowledge of ReqProTM nor JIRATM.


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